Anil Chugh and Associates is a renowned architectural design firm based out of New Delhi, India, having wide ranging expertise and design ability .

Incorporated in the year 1972 by Mr Anil Chugh, an alumni of IIT Kharagpur, the firm is known and appreciated for its deep rooted ethos that stands upon three pillars of perfection, dedication and professional excellence.
Comprising of extremely talented, highly qualified, experienced and like minded professionals, the firm renders architectural, structural and Interior design related services and has an extensive list of clients across various sectors.


The Process

"Architectural and interior design is a process beginning with ideas translated into plans, which are then carefully co-ordinated through each phase of activity to evolve with the desired environment and facility. In each phase of design, environment protection, energy conservation and use of new materials and appropriate technologies are the guiding factors for finalization of design solutions. "

Mr Anil Chugh, Chief Architect



At Anil Chugh & Associates the Client always comes first. It is the vision of the client that triggers the flow of ideas.
The design process is initiated after carefully listening in to the clients needs, and then, begins the phase by phase process of transforming the ideas into robust, technically sound plans.

Throughout each phase of a given project, Anil Chugh and Associates stands as the client's unbiased professional adviser, giving him the benefit of our years of broad based valuable experience to make sure he receives what he pays for. This includes project management of the construction / interior contract to ensure that all provisions of working drawings, specifications, safety codes and statutory requirements are properly followed.

In short, the prevailing guideline in all our activities is professional excellence. We have gathered staff and business associates of highest caliber and have developed policies and procedures to ensure quality of the first order.


The Services

We provide our clients with a comprehensive range of architectural, structural and interior design services including:

Structural DesignHVAC (Air Conditioning)Sanitation & water SupplyElectrical DesignFire Protection
Space Planning & Re-designingFurniture Layout & DesignColours, Textures & LightingMaterial selection
Planning & Cost AnalysisTenderingWork force SelectionProject ExecutionFinance Management.

We offer a unified approach to fulfill a multitude of specific requirements of each project with proven ability to meet these requirements within pre-established financial limits and time.